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Essay on Fiction: Back to the Beginning, Tempest Rose

“I don’t appreciate your bipolar-psycho bitch attitude!”

The words rattle around in my head like a bad hangover. I stop. I need to go back to the beginning. 1,038 more words


Nerds, Geeks and Dorks, the Difference Between Them.

I always assumed geeks, dorks and nerds all meant the same thing. I always considered myself nerdy because I like things nerdy boys like. But I am not a nerd and the things I like are not like things of nerdy boys. 511 more words


"I have an Asian fetish." Yes, Yes, I know you do.

“I have a fetish for Asians.”

“I never been with an Asian.”

“You’re so Americanized.”

“You’re so not Asian”

We been off and on for three years. 955 more words

I'm Not Sure If I Should Tell You This

Today, while taking a math test, a kid (who is Japanese) leans in close to my co teacher and whispers…


Kid: “I’m not sure if I should tell you this.” 44 more words


Post-Viva musings

On tuesday I gave a mock Viva talk to my tutors, which was treated as the real thing. The structure of the Viva was handed to us in a brief a fortnight earlier, described as a ten minute presentation of our work spanning over 15 slide projections showing the most important representations of our Illustrations. 920 more words

Illustration - Subject

Student evaluations - how bias shows up when you're just trying to get some honest feedback.

This week’s Diversity Journal Club (#DiversityJC), we discussed student evals and bias

What’s in a name? In student reviews of their professors, something that can be important for improving your teaching and potentially for your institution, … 1,596 more words


Eight Ways I'm A Not A "Real" Writer (And One Way I Am)

There are a lot of clichés about how similarly writers behave, and I’m not sure I respond to all of them positively. Every “You Know You’re A Writer If You Do This Stuff!” … 1,023 more words