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Men Vs Women... Women Vs Men

Gender stereotypes… We think that they haven’t been mentioned since the times of Hobson’s Choice and his shoe shop, but we can’t deny that they aren’t happening today… 671 more words


Combat Racism With NCBI

Elizabeth Todd


On April 24, Metropolitan State University’s National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), a non-profit whose mission is to eliminate racism and oppression, held a four-hour workshop as a follow-up to a shorter event held earlier in February. 821 more words

Metro State

The Roots of Racism

I think everyone has has the experience of having someone, be it a friend, relative, or acquaintance, express a racist sentiment out of nowhere.  Whether it’s grandma or an uncle at Thanksgiving, another family member you’re visiting with, or a friend you haven’t seen in a while, the experience is always a surprise.  667 more words

Farewell Pt. 2: Sort-Of "Passing" AKA Blending in Taiwan

**NOTE**Before I tumble down the rabbit hole of racism and sexism in Taiwan v. Greater Asia or the United States, I want to pause and remind anyone reading this, that I’m focusing on specifically my OWN experience. 2,877 more words


"Muslim Jihadist Groups"

I was flipping through a newspaper recently and I read a headline labeling groups like ISIL and Al-Qaeda as “Muslim Jihadists”. I would like to take a moment to remind the world that the U.S. 137 more words

To change the world, change your illusions | Minna Salami |

In this inspiring TEDx Talk, Minna Salami shares a story about the beauty of Africa and African womanhood, her work, feminism in Africa: its contentions and opportunities, and how ultimately we all are connected. 90 more words


When it comes to older people and sex, doctors put their heads in the sand

The sex lives of older people have received a lot of attention recently. From the Netflix sitcom Grace and Frankie, which stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (both in their 70s) and does not shy away from the issue of sex, to… 807 more words