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White girl jokes offend some, not all students

Offensive to some, a harmless quip about privilege to others, the phenomena of white girl jokes leaves students divided in opinion.
“The definition of racism is discrimination against another race, and white girl is in the name,” Molly Hockwalt (12) said. 423 more words

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Destroy The Stigma Around Mental Illness

Stigma: a strong feeling of disapproval that most people in a society have about something, especially when this is unfair

To Stigmatise: to treat someone or something unfairly by disapproving of him, her, or it… 848 more words

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A man has gotta do, what a man (is told) he has gotta do!

(Before I get into this, let me make the point — I do know that everyone is different, this is just a generalised overview of what I feel is expected of men, and it does not mean to offend anyone.) 1,089 more words

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There and Back Again: Finding a 'Burglar'

Today, I am beginning to write rather early in the morning. I dare to say, earlier than I may ever write again, given my mind’s lack of basic functions at any hour before 10am, or there abouts. 580 more words


Students Are Protesting This Deluxe Kitchen Ad For Its 'Sexist' Slogan

A New York-based building company is getting complaints that their new billboard for a deluxe kitchen is sexist.

The billboard for Teakwood Builders, Inc. features a picture of a kitchen and reads, “Your Wife Wants Me.” Students from Siena College have protested along the road nearby the billboard with signs reading “I Prefer An Office,” “Bake The Patriarchy,” “Stir Until Equal,” and “I Can Buy My Own Kitchen.” 165 more words

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Stereotyping is something that we are all probably guilty of. Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve never done it, because I have.  330 more words

Learning how to be a woman: take less space, smile, and put on an innocent face

Poster “alwaysaprincess” needs help: “what are the most important body languages, poses, walking, etc that will make you as girly as possible?”

Here is some of the advice given by commenters. 196 more words