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Women and Girls with Autism #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to day 23 in the A to Z Challenge on autism. Today, I discuss autism as it maniffests itself differently depending on the autistic person’s gender. 389 more words


Stuck In A Generation

Ever had the feeling for being lost in Generation .. it is really simple than you think actually its like this :

Stuck in a generation where loyalty is a tattoo, love is just a quote and lying is the new truth ; Stuck in a generation where a smile on someone face can hide so many things on the inside ; Stuck in a generation where you can no longer read in between the lines because they are so covered up ; Stuck in a generation where women are no longer appreciated for their success but are appreciated for their looks ; Stuck in a generation where men no longer feel need to you as they simply can just turn away ; Stuck in a generation where we as a society bring attention not only to ourselves but others around us ; Stuck in a generation where we feel no love so we lose a life ; Stuck in a generation where your real friends hurt and fake friends fear you ; Stuck in a generation where the little things in life no longer existed. 67 more words


As A Woman, I'm Entitled To Myself, And Solely To Myself

The other day I was messaged on Facebook from a complete stranger that I looked beautiful and I read it – within half an hour I was messaged again saying “so you get complimented and can’t even say a thank you?” this further escalated (rather quickly) into an argument that it was due to my race that I was fronting and frankly felt too good about myself and continued speaking down to me as if I was the one who was getting stressed about it when he clearly had his own insecurities about women he was projecting onto me. 396 more words


City Pack

You often betray me, dark and large, many strapped with pockets unheard and unseen, your entire existence is a blessing and a curse.

I own a City Pack Backpack. 282 more words


Yes I am black, no I do not rap

Over the next few days I’ll be posting quite a bit, because one I have so much to say and two, I have a stack of papers waiting to be seen by the world. 615 more words

My Life

Are women settling for less in relationships???

I think so.

I come from a society which places age limits on women when it comes to settling down. The first time i encountered this was when i was talking to a friend over the phone and all of a sudden, he mentioned that i was remaining with only 4 years before i became ‘expired material’. 1,051 more words

Feminist Ramblings