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Chris Selley: Charles Taylor ... niqab defender?

Twice in recent days, philosopher Charles Taylor has appeared in the Canadian media as a voice of reason in opposition to Stephen Harper’s anti-niqab machinations and (some say) clumsy remarks about Islam. 801 more words

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Terry Glavin: On war and peace, there's nothing "progressive" about the NDP

Now that the House of Commons’ Conservative majority has clinched a year’s extension to the stout but middling Canadian Forces role in the U.S.-led coalition targeting Abu-Bakr Al Baghdadi’s genocidal “caliphate” in that vast and ancient landscape where the Iraqi-Syrian border used to be, there is only one important question that has gone wholly unanswered. 1,340 more words

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Will federal leaders claim new family tax benefits?

OTTAWA – When the prime minister says the government’s new tax package will benefit all Canadian families with children under 18, will that include his own? 545 more words


Good idea, Stephen

The Conservative Party of Canada has posted this image that identifies the problem. Yes.


Opinion: Life Without Parole sentencing violates human rights

The Harper government introduced a bill last month that repeals the possibility of parole for offenders convicted of first-degree murder, including anyone who kills a police or jail guard, as well as anyone who kills during sexual assault or kidnapping. 578 more words


Pakistani-Canadian woman urges media to oppose niqabs

At least one Pakistani-Canadian woman utterly rejects the niqab.

Eiynah, a blogger, is appalled by the views of Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer, who used the word “hero” … 1,093 more words

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National Post View: The case for this bill has yet to be made

As it has shown repeatedly since coming to office, Stephen Harper’s government tends to favour large catch-all bills that are difficult to explain in a few words, and even harder to understand. 742 more words

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