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A better response to the Ottawa shooting

If only…

Today, Canada awoke to a new reality, with the government saying it will do everything in its power to support those with mental illness and addictions after a citizen who had fallen through the cracks killed a soldier on Parliament Hill before being shot and killed outside the Library of Parliament. 359 more words


Conrad Black: Alarm bells must ring in response to the government's new anti-terror bill

Bill C-51, the federal government’s Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015, is the principal official response to the increasing threat of terrorism, a phenomenon that infamously prorupted into the central block of Parliament on Oct.  1,426 more words

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Today's letters: Stephen Harper is no libertarian

Re: Tories Vs. Tories, Michael Den Tandt, Feb. 27.
As a libertarian, I sprayed my cereal over much of the kitchen this morning when I read Michael Den Tandt’s statement, “this PM has long been a libertarian.” 2,395 more words

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Stephen Maher: Harper and aboriginals not in same room, let alone on same page

On Friday afternoon, Stephen Harper went to Rideau Hall to present the Public Service of Canada’s Outstanding Achievement Award to Ian Burney, assistant deputy minister of trade. 747 more words


John Baird’s Gay Rights are Baird’s Rights

Canada’s Defense Minister, John Baird has stepped down. We do not have many details as to the reasons why, but for the time being it is because he would like to enter into the private sector. 2,724 more words


Stephen Harper appears in Costco's magazine, doesn’t make the cover

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, known for avoiding the media, gave an exclusive interview to Costco’s magazine.

Except for the occasional holiday TV interview, Harper is known for eschewing one-on-ones with Canadian journalists and limiting the number of questions he’ll take from media during press conferences. 213 more words


Bernie Sanders: “I’m Prepared to Take on the Billionaire Class”

Senator Bernie Sanders (photo: AP)

Bernie Sanders: “I’m Prepared to Take on the Billionaire Class”

By Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News

26 February 15

t was the 2nd day of a three-day trip to Iowa for Senator Bernie Sanders. 1,196 more words