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Proper Perception and Appropriate Intervention: Both In and Out of Uniform

Mehran Banaei

Law enforcement officers around the world are required to successfully complete an intense use of force training. The objectives of the training are to enable officers to optimally react in real life situations, where an officer ought to physically control, disarm, or arrest a hostile aggressor, or a high risk assaultive criminal. 1,305 more words

Philosophy Of Science And Religion

should charities pay celebrities to tweet?

I’m a bit late to the party on this but a piece in the Feb 20 edition of the Guardian highlights a controversy about celebrities getting paid to tweet on behalf of charities: 451 more words

Nonprofits And Philanthropy

Review: "Hippopotamus" by Stephen Fry

3 stars of 5 ★★★☆☆

Stephen Fry is a god amongst mortals. He has said some of the wittiest, cleverest, most British things ever spoken and lucky for us, he’s even written some of them down. 274 more words


Day 104: Where Creativity Goes To Die and Elections

A polling station is where creativity goes to die if you are a polling clerk there from 6:20am until 11:00pm. On the plus side, I’ve read a third of Stephen Fry’s The Fry Chronicles.

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The Prayer You Thought You Didn't Have

There is a religious mindset which insists that prayers must be said in a particular way, for instance hands together, eyes closed, kneeling, standing, bowing…or perhaps all of the above in a particular liturgical order. 347 more words


i'm a little bit in love with russell brand

Is there a God? Please click on this link of a recent YouTube video created  by Russell Brand. I think it is absolutely brilliant. You may want to prepare your mind first, maybe have a glass of wine, open your mind, but please check it out! https://ww

UKIP, Britain First and Roderick Spode: The British Knee Resurgent!

I’ve just reblogged Tom Pride’s piece on the Fascist group, Britain First, rolling up to guard UKIP’s meeting in Margate with their armoured landrover. As I wrote when I reblogged Tom’s piece, it’s sinister. 70 more words