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Stefan Molyneux is awesome !

Hello again everyone,

I named this blog collapse paradigm because that is the mindset so many are stuck in and it is very popular. A negative mindset is very comforting even if it’s wrong and I learned this lesson of psychology the hard way. 269 more words

What is love?

The definition prescribed by my mentor Stefan Molyneux is that love is related to virtue, and how our virtues measure up with our partner meaning they agree with your virtues.   1,074 more words




I haven’t written for a long time because quite frankly I am constantly overwhelmed by how much is going on and how horrible the implications are. 236 more words

"Tax Is Theft" Silliness In The United States

Dear Silly People,

I don’t know where you all live, but here in America the power to tax was passed by Constitutional Amendment.

That means that the people alive at that time that voted, voted for the implementation of income tax as allowed by the amendment process specified in the Constitution. 299 more words

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”I don’t complain about playing time. My job is to play so well the coach can’t sit me.” –Shane Battier

Kaudet päättyvät ja valmentajat purkavat antia. 1,556 more words


The TRUTH About Female Clothing

I came across this weird video where libertarian welfare queen™ Stefan Molyneux works out his mommy issues on his viewers calmly and rationally explains why women are evil for wearing make up. 701 more words


The Truth About Edward Snowden

Here’s an excellent summary of how governments have been spying on people for many decades. Edward Snowden’s “secrets” are anything but. (He’s a grandson of David Rockefeller and cousin of Mark Zuckerberg… 39 more words

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