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Ridge and furrow

Afar, a thin lichen blotched steeple, knapsack brown with badges of green. Ahead, a blackthorn hedge cleaved near the root by billhook and determination; muscled over, sloping branches, silhouetted like nature’s tally-marks. 96 more words


The steeple of St Saviour's church viewed from the south

London, UK, images, church steeples, St Saviour’s church, viewed from the south 8 more words


The steeple of St Saviour's church in London, UK

London, UK, images, areas, Southeast London, Lewisham, the steeple of St Saviour’s church viewed from the southwest 9 more words


Art a la Latouche

#LouisLatouche (1829-1884) is a name that is not well known to people and possibly even to experts but to a few very famous artists he was well known.   411 more words

Oil Paintings

Symetrical Steeples

This photo is in response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge. Living in China, one gets to see a lot of symmetrical architecture. My eye usually catches the asymmetry of things, so this was a challenge, to see the beauty in stark neatness. 
Photo Challenge