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Steampunk as Classroom

In the middle days of my steampunk involvement, when the term ‘steampunk’ was still pretty new, I was reading the available books just to read a good story. 877 more words

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Lifelong learning is so much easier through an enjoyable medium such as the genre of Steampunk. Here are some thoughts from the Airship Ambassador:

First Steampunk Novel - back to the body shop for a bit of polish

Well the steampunk novel needs a bit of editing.  Actually, a LOT of editing.  Note to self – when writing rapidly please note that much of the stuff you are visualizing in your head NEEDS to be on the paper too.  200 more words


The Ninth Life

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Uncle Buster,

Why did anyone ever invent the television? I am hooked on these old radio shows. 203 more words


Steampunk Weekend DIY

This weekend I’m going to play a little game called “get something accomplished before binging on House of Cards.”  Its a motivator that works!

If you too are looking to accomplish something creative, here are some fun Steampunky DIY projects. 164 more words


Simplistic Reinvention: The Jacket

Many years ago now, I bought this lovely military-style jacket from Portobello Market in London. I used to wear it a lot, but recently it has begun to look a little worse for wear, mainly because the buttons keep dropping off (and I have a habit of losing them). 395 more words


Steampunk Hands - Our Playground

There was a tweet sometime this last year where someone said “Good luck getting a good job with that coat!”, meaning my Ambassador coat. I know it was meant as an insult, but all I could do was laugh at their attempt. 602 more words

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A word from the Ambassador. His website, www.airshipambassador.com, is a portal to multiple Steampunk realities, each rich with treasures. Celebrate the creativity and sociability of Steampunk all year round, not just in February ;)