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Scrabble and Sudoku Madness in Lexica

Not to be confused with the similar nomenclature of “World of Lexica” which is a tablet based children’s RPG game from Schell Games. Lexica is a puzzle game that was a collaborative effort of… 503 more words


Play Dota 2 on Intel HD 3000 or above on Linux

If you use Linux and wanted to play Dota 2 but have been discouraged by the limited graphics performance of integrated Intel HD graphics card… 332 more words

Dear Jonathan,

Yes, and forbidden love for he is 24, and I am 54.  And yet (my) sweet young man beckons with his charm and intellect.  How can I resist?   11 more words

Crimsonland- Review

‘Crimsonland’ is a top-down shooter from 10ton Studios which promises endless hordes of monsters to kill and plenty of weapons to get the job done, but how does the game itself perform? 316 more words


FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE! (Arkham Knight Rant)

Okay, rant time.

You know what I’m getting sick of? Triple-A publishers thinking they can do whatever the hell they want. They shove shoddily-assembled sequels out the door with the assumption gamers will never learn, and will continue to snatch up these broken games as soon as they hit the shelves. 777 more words


Warner Bros. recalls PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight

Thursday night, Warner Bros. Games announced that they are officially pulling the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight from store shelves and digital shops in order to properly fix the broken port of Batman’s latest adventure. 113 more words


Her Story Review (iPhone)

Her Story Review

I  am going to describe Her Story as a game that is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to a game such as Call of Duty. 393 more words