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What to expect from: Solar Crusaders

Solar Crusaders is going to be a top down multiplayer strategy game with deep space exploration with many star systems to explore populated with both players and NPCS alike. 209 more words


Environmental Station Alpha is a Pixel Art Platformer Out Now on Steam

Environmental Station Alpha, a Metroid-style 2D action platformer with retro art visuals, released Wednesday for $7.99 on Steam for PC and Mac. 303 more words


Indie Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

Real Talk By: KJ

Battle monsters in Little Devil Inside.  From a first look, you would think this was an innocent looking game.  That is until you dive further into the trailer.  137 more words


Two Brothers Review

I think it’s becoming a widely accepted fact that indie games are becoming prominent within PC gaming. With the introduction of Kickstarter, (not to mention the monumental success of Minecraft) independent studios have rushed to monopolise upon the growing market. 640 more words


Purgatory is now on greenlight

Please support Purgatory on Steam Greenlight.

By doing this you will be paving the way forward to the release of purgatory.

The release window for purgatory is late April, dependent on Steam, and development completing. 15 more words

Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries by GRIN Review.


Woolfe is a platform action game developed by GRIN game studio. It was funded by Kickstarter and has been on Steam Greenlight early access, the games official released on 17/03.2015. 679 more words


Ira, a point and click adventure for pc.

Steam Greenlight tends to have a lot of games go through the voting process of trying to get greenlit. One of the latest such games is Ira. 102 more words

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