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Perfect Peace

One of my Sunday school students shared with me this past weekend about her uncle taking his own life. When I heard that I really felt for his family because now they are in a situation where they have to continue through life without the love and support of a husband and a father. 703 more words

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Give Careful Thought

Perspective. It’s a word that I feel God has been putting on my heart lately. I so often live my life in light of my own perspective and not God’s. 627 more words

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Loving As Christ Loved

Guest Author: Elsa Thomas

In college, I’ve noticed that I don’t really “like” some people as much as I should. Every time I pass by them, I try not to make eye contact and if unfortunately I do, I just give them a quick smile and walk away, avoiding to initiate any conversation. 624 more words

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His Best is Better

The other day my students were doing some work independently, when all of a sudden, I started to hear whispers.  One student looked up from doing her work and looked over to her neighbor, “Make a wish…” And then another student looked across the room to another, with a bit of a louder voice, “Make a wish…” I asked them why they had to make wishes at that very moment. 620 more words

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Lose Weight Easier With These Great Tips

The challenge with weight loss is that it is as much of a physical challenge, as it is a mental challenge. Ignoring portion size is a recipe for disaster. 23 more words

Bust Your Worst Fitness Habits

Some workout habits arise out of laziness, and some are downright dangerous. Check out the worst fitness mistakes you can make and the simple corrections that can help you… 535 more words

Weight Management


I heard an illustration recently from a pastor of a church where I attend a youth ministry. He was describing a situation when an individual came to him who was suffering from extreme anxiety attacks. 1,599 more words

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