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SAHM struggles

I love my children, more than anything. As all parents do, but recently I have been thinking about work. I miss work. I miss talking to the girls at work. 203 more words



Why do I always feel so alone? I have my husband and my 2 beautiful children and at least one of them if not all of them are with all the time I’m never physically alone but I feel lonely. 1,372 more words

My Little Lefty

My daughter is quite interesting in the way she uses her hands.

When she eats, draws, brushes her teeth or throws a ball – she uses her left hand. 282 more words


Herbal essences

Herbal Essences at Foods Co are $0.79 each!

They come out to be $2.29 WYB 2.
Use the $3/2 MQ from May PG.
Pay $0.79 each.



So this week i started my meds back up and they switched on me. I hate the feeling of new meds. They all are different and i still can’t tell if i like this one or not. 658 more words


a giant ball of trusting.

I’m going to try and muster some coherent thoughts here but I’m warning you, there will be digression. It’s going be difficult for me, seeing as how I have two children now, (Jasper 5, and June almost 4 months) and the majority of my day is spent trying not to drown in a sea of laundry and attempting to wear matching shoes when I leave the house, if indeed I make it out of the house (today I wore two different shoes, and didn’t notice until I got to the store, so. 423 more words


To work or not to work...

That is the question you may be grappling with.  Perhaps you just had a baby and are getting ready to go back to work, but weighing your options and mulling over whether it’s worth it or not. 1,439 more words