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The More Kids, The Better?!?!?

Last night I had a friend, her two daughters, and her two nieces over for a BBQ and I realized something very strange — somehow six kids are a lot easier than two! 329 more words

Red Pill

Summer Routine

Free play with a toddler is draining. Mentally draining. I’m all up for pretend play- take our figures, cars, buildings and make a little world. Have everyone interact. 640 more words


Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Growing up I always looked forward to the day I would be a stay at home mom. No matter the job I had, working 40 hours a week never left me feeling fulfilled. 657 more words

Powering Down

You’re a stay at home mom. The house is a mess. Dishes need washed. Laundry needs folded. Bills need written out and sent. Toys are everywhere. 583 more words

Why I'm Not a "Stay at Home Mom"

Don’t let the title fool you; I’m a HUGE proponent of women being in the home to raise their little ones. However, I’m NOT a proponent of being called a “stay at home mom”. 913 more words


The Toughest Decision

Here you are in your early 30’s and with three kids five and under. You have a college degree and do some free lance work but you want more. 588 more words


Things I learned being a semi-stay at home mom

For the past nine months I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home part time. I really do consider myself lucky, but going from the workplace to the home front and adding a kid to that equation has been an adjustment to say the least. 777 more words