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Belief is something I never had in myself until network marketing. I began this journey with belief….for some crazy reason, yes ma’am, I sure did!!!! From day 1, for an unknown reason, I just believed in myself. 341 more words

Why Mommy Never Goes to Bed Early

Okay, so this is kind of funny because I was thinking about this EXACT post a few days ago before I even thought about making this blog! 801 more words


My hands are full and so are their hearts

I don’t work. Instead, I lay on the couch and watch soaps all day while my kids entertain themselves and I mooch off my husband because I’m very, very lazy. 851 more words

The Average Woman

I am an average woman. I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly special about the way that I look, dress or even the way my mannerisms take note. 645 more words



Motherhood. Some moments in life are beautifully, perfectly timed in the split second the world aligns to grace your life with a glistening memory of hope that everything is going to be okay, and make everything magically worth it.   419 more words


Dedicated To The Success Of Small To Medium Size Business Owners

www.MerchantsProject.com focuses on helping the small to medium-sized business owner keep their current customers loyal and attract new customers.  Through our dedication and commitment in enhancing the productivity of small to medium-sized businesses for the last 11 years, spanning 47 countries, we have been instrumental in increasing their customer base to a more loyal and incentives driven model. 306 more words