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My day job is making me sick

I can no longer deny it.

My day job as an assistant is making me physically ill.

This is what no one will tell you about being in an indie rock band, being an artist really, that you will most likely have to work a job to pay the bills and that’s fine except when you work for crazy people. 1,306 more words


My situation is worse than I thought…

My Thoughts

Exception handling with Restlet

Restlet provides several approaches to handle exceptions on both client and server sides. You can choose to be close to the Restlet API itself or use a higher level approach based on custom exceptions and / or annotated exceptions… 2,192 more words


Moving Melody (Demo)

Support me on Patreon and you will get to play the demo of my upcoming rhythm runner, Moving Melody!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something… But here you go, check it out on Patreon!


The Lessons you Never Learn

it starts off like this
A text and a kiss
No complications
Just innocent bliss

I visit you at work
Sit for hours at the bar… 178 more words