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Status Update: Good Night

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Musical epedemi 

What happens when you sing a song for a while, in your room with your door half closed, thinking that no one can hear you. Then suddenly… Your brother starts singing the same song, on the other side of the apartment, while playing firstperson shooter games with his friends. 107 more words


Status Update: Thursday Morning

Good Morning, My Lovelies!!

I work today…


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A marked improvement...

I have noticed a definite improvement in my fitness lately in a couple of ways. First, it takes longer and longer runs to make me sore afterward. 520 more words


Nooooooo! There is a Dutch version of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and I can’t be a part of it because I’m not obsessive enough!! :( 44 more words

Status Update

And another reason I love the Macintosh. Before I left work for home last light. I clicked a single install from backup button and left for home. 24 more words


Judging a Book by its Cover

Recently there have basically been two kinds of posts on this site: 1) Those about comics and 2) Those about my upcoming novel, Deadly Troubadours. This is about option 2. 911 more words

Status Update