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I shall be quite busy this weekend but I will have a lot to update you with next week! 👍


New and Improved.

I just finished redesigning my site & i’m pretty satisfied of the outcome. It has a more blogger’s touch to it than the old one. I kept it simple and clean. 10 more words

Status Update.

I'm on TIGForums !

Small update:

I have now made a user at TIG Forums (forum for indie developers) and have also made a dev-log for people to follow my progress om my game, Metal Dragon. 18 more words

Game Development

Spring Snow Camp

You might have noticed that things are a little light this week over here. I haven’t been reviewing and/or writing as much as usual. There are two reasons for that. 390 more words


Fingerlike Status Update

Sometimes even for the strongest person needs someone who is willing to fight the demons of despair; someone willing to set aside their own life for a moment, and take a walk through the pothole streets of life. 79 more words


Reading Update: Back to Reading

Well… I found “5th Horseman” sitting in a pile of junk and decided to re-pick it up… I’m nearly done with the book now… 9 chapters left in the book… I’m thinking I wanna try to finish today… Then start “6th Target” tomorrow… James Patterson books are easy and quick and easy to read… Maybe that’s cause his books have 1-5 page chapters… Or… I just enjoy them… 8 more words

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I am considering making a few separate blogs:

  • Second half of this pregnancy
  • A private daily blog about my daughter that will be family only…
  • 53 more words
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