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Locked Up - HA

So far in the past several weeks team Plugged In has made one complete prototype out of cardboard panels and hot glue. It was a fairly quick and and easy process because we just measured out the dimensions on big cardboard sheets and cut them out using an exacto-knife. 560 more words

Ann Richards School

Cleveland is a Cold, Dead Place (pt.ii)

To wrap up this week of photography, I found pictures i took of the GCRTA rapid station in the midst of January. ¬†I makes me wonder why Fallout 4 isn’t taking place in my area.



Italy and Egypt look beautiful from space

This is footage from the International Space Station as it orbits over Italy and Egypt at night.


The best part about a new car is hearing someone freak out about the radio

Maybe they should have just turned it off and had a nice conversation.


March 22nd - Structure

With so much to see at Central Station, who bothers looking up?

No, I didn’t come back today, rather I left the camera holstered so I’m using another photo from yesterdays visit. 85 more words

Dans Daily Photo