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I've Never Been The Exception to the Rule

I’ve never been the best person in the room. In just about every situation, I’ve never been the most suited person for the job. I was never the best person on any of my teams, never the smartest in any classroom and I wasn’t (still not) even the best looking one among my friends. 239 more words

Hillary Clinton E-Mails To Be De-Classified By State Department

The State Department will announce a timetable Tuesday for the release of more of the 55,000 pages of emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton on her private server, writes NBC News. 36 more words


Birding on the Sandy Hook Trail

Sunday was a perfect morning for walking the Sandy Hook Trail at Tawas Pointe State Park in East Tawas, Michigan. Known for the large variety of migratory birds who make this park part of their annual spring trek, I had the opportunity to see lots of birds and other wildlife while crossing several types of warblers off of my life list.


Regressed To A Childlike State In Therapy, And I Feel Embarrassed

I m a fully mature adult. I have a pretty good job for my state in my career. I m by all means, quite successful. I have c trauma. 54 more words

NEW: DUI app alerts lawyers with the push of a button

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A new app is allowing people who get pulled over for DUIs to alert a lawyer with the push of a button. 352 more words


Artist paints mural for Memorial Day

PUEBLO, Colo–One man used the power of art to honor military members on this Memorial Day and he’s doing it in a big way.

Anthony Armijo has several of his murals across pueblo. 275 more words


Rutledge Falls’ Link to Tennessee’s State Capitol Building

Rutledge Falls, near Tullahoma, Tennessee, has been on my bucket list since I first came to Tennessee. It is only 20 miles from the house—I should have gone there long ago. 664 more words

Renaissance Bucket List