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Real Family Fridays -- Soggy Granola

There is a very pervasive misconception that one has to live a certain lifestyle to use cloth diapers. I am here to say that you can be “crunchy,” “soggy,” “silky,” or anywhere in between and still embrace the world of reusables. 1,541 more words


Yarn Diets Are Like Food Diets...Just A Suggestion!

In January, I laid to rest my beloved Father and had to deal with the clearing out of his Florida home. He had a lot of stuff for his 87 years of life. 96 more words


Taming The Content Beast

Content is an insatiable beast. Demands are ever changing. As with most things, what worked yesterday is replaced by something that provides more value today. 517 more words


Patch 2.2.1 Live, More Stash on Chinese Realm

Patch 2.2.1 Live

A small patch went live earlier today, meant just to fix a couple bugs. Still, do┬ácheck the patch notes and list of other… 453 more words


Yarn Stash

Do you list all of your stash on Ravelry? I used to, then the stash started to grow and grow and I didn’t keep up with listing it all. 149 more words


British Beauty

My brother has been dating a wonderful young lady from the UK. They have recently become engaged and will be married next month. We are all very excited that this beautiful woman will be joining our family and moving to the states. 374 more words


GIT: Using the stash

Best use case to use / apply stash: I have made some change in the pom.xml which are local to my dev box, whenever I take the pull, they gets washed away (over written) by the remote version. 806 more words