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Got Goals?

Hey Divas!

Welcome to a New Week!

Fail to plan and plan to fail I’m not sure who the saying is from but it holds a lot of wisdom. 230 more words

Loneliness is a Hell of a Bitch to Deal With

Ever since I got separated I’ve had friends who I have known for 15+ years throw me to the side and choose my ex husband because their significant others became friends with him, I’ve had people who are in long term relationships tell me that we can no longer be friends because they think I should have “worked it out”, and then I’ve had the random few that have fallen off with no explanation, no reasoning, just went missing from my life.  474 more words

The First Bite

I don’t know why I have decided to give birth to a new blog. It’s been years since I’ve been able to sit still long enough to write, let alone maintain a blog. 498 more words


Starting Over... Again. (Day 1)

I wonder how many times in life, you find yourself in a place and time, when you’re faced with starting over – all over again?  When you must let go, of who you are today and become someone new.   245 more words


The Writings of a Whimsical Woman

When I was younger, I made a Word file on my computer called the Diary of a Teenage Girl. I’m sure it is still saved on some thumb drive somewhere along with a dozen other half-filled notebooks of attempted diaries that I never feel the desire to continue. 247 more words


The Well of Yourself

Well…what can I even say..? It’s been exactly 5 1/2 months since I’ve written a post or even had the urge to write. In fact, it’s been months since I’ve even done anything. 172 more words


Love Defined?

It’s not the life I would have chosen. I was fine with the idea of a picket white fence, the kids, the home and everything else I thought marriage and true love entailed. 368 more words

Love In Bits