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Eyes in the Back of my Head

Eyes in the Back of my Head
My mom has them. I think a lot of moms have them. I wish I had them. That ability to see what’s gonna happen even when you don’t appear to be looking. 402 more words

Baby Boomer

It’s Time. Shake the Dust.

I’ve always been a homebody. I love my family home that is full of family pictures, blankets, fireplaces, and family. I’ve grown up within the same great city and have shuffled around to schools in the area to stay close – think about attending your elementary, middle, high school and even college all within 10 minutes of each other – that’s what I did. 463 more words


Starting Over..❤️

Truth is, when you say you need to start over… You REALLY need to start over.. Release all the negativity that includes places, people.. Blah blah blah.. 190 more words

My job and I

Today, I was approached with a question many in my field have probably been asked lately, “Are you worried about your job?”. My instant answer, “No.” 615 more words


Looking for Glue

Sometimes I feel like I’m looking for glue to piece my life together.
Facebook is great for keeping in touch with family and friends. It can also remind you how different your life is compared to your peers, high school alum and your expectations. 643 more words

Baby Boomer

So I'm back..

After a hiatus that I didn’t intend to take, I’m back and really in need of this blog more than ever. I’ve been trying to think of an interesting first blog post because I lost what readers I did have to begin with but honestly, I blog for me. 64 more words

To Dad

Dear Dad,

It’s not Father’s Day or Christmas. On Veterans Day we do not celebrate you. Yet we should, or at least I should.

You have went to war for me for the 27 years I have been alive. 226 more words