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Polyols from Urethane Alcohols


 Number/Link: WO2015075057

Applicant/Assignee: Bayer

Publication date: 28-05-2015

Gist”: Urethane alcohols prepared from cyclocarbonates are used as starters for polyether polyols… 97 more words

Flexible Foams


All that is needed, most often anyway, is kindness. All most people seem to want either consciously or otherwise is a smile, is a thank you, is a door held open as they struggle inside with hands full of grocery bags. 170 more words

An introduction.

Hello there petal pops!

Soooo. I don’t really know how to begin this.. WELL basically, this is just something I’m doing for the craic. It’s not a beauty blog, fitness, fashion, music or any other kind of blog in particular, just somewhere for me to blabber on about my interests and life, etc. 74 more words

Italian Ceviche

This is an easy and great starter. The fish just cooks in the acid from the lemon and orange juice. Its tasty and really easy to make. 141 more words


Starting a Blog for the Millionth Time

You’d figure by now that I know I’m crap at keeping up with blogs, and therefore would have no desire to continue my attempts to create a blog that’s more than likely going to fail. 178 more words


Crab Cakes with Thai Curry Sauce

*Here is another recipe from my newspaper column.

I first became familiar with the Blue Crab whilst working in the USA, where it’s used to make soups, crab cakes,salads and lots of other dishes. 710 more words

Chef Kevin Ashton