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The Big Dipper

Day Eighty-Six.

How often do you take the time to look at the stars?

Can you even see the stars where you live?

Last night, Friday, I saw the stars, and I mean I truly saw them for the first time in a long time. 180 more words

365 Days


The stars knew what the stories said. They knew about the tales that made them out to be monsters, to be vicious bloodthirsty things frothing at the mouth for a taste of their own kind. 473 more words


night taken lightly is an urban condition
beyond the city walls there exists a dark so deep
the ancient fires can be seen
twinkling in the absence of newborn light


Thinking Out Loud

luminous pollution

I traveled all over Hawekes Bay to photograph the night sky to trying and capture light pollution. as being someone who likes to capture astrophotography I am a bit bummed out that there is so much light polution in my city



two lovers once more

There is a tingle in the air
energy under the skin
moon is full and ripe
like her red lips

The heart beats faster
deep breaths breathe her in… 63 more words


How do stars form?

Tatum Witt
Citizen Science Project
How do stars form?


I chose the project “How do stars form?” this was a small activity that showed you pictures of different parts of the galaxy. 95 more words

Citizen Science