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WIP Stars: 5

I’m very pleased to report that wonder cat Cosmo is feeling much better!  He curled up on my legs while I stitched another star.

As some of you know blue is not a colour I’m fond of, but I wanted the stars to have a range of colours, so a couple of stars with a touch of blue have now been stitched. 42 more words


Colliding With A Star (Tanka)

a bright star pulls me

as I fly through the dark void

and I can’t resist

being drawn into her eyes

as my shields just melt away


Into The Great Vast Night Skies

Looking out into the great vast night skies, I realized how big it all is.

How miniscule my problems are.. how miniscule I am in this gigantic universe. 25 more words

Girl in the Stars

Shine a flashlight on someone briefly if you want them to show up in your star images!

Creative Travel Photos





Being roasted now

A calm night while the stars shine bright


i can't help but notice

the stars that shine in people’s eyes when they talk about something they’re passionate about, or that come out of their mouth when they break into lovely peals of laughter and illuminate everything around them. 38 more words