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on waking alone

the nights are too long

and there are far

too few of them

to conjure any more reasons

why we aren’t together

each one


Our stars

My star
You are so far
Far away
I look at you
Every single day

You are by my side
Day is a chance to hide… 101 more words


Parallel Universe

 Parallel  Universe

Black holes..Where all the physics of our universe as we call it ends .

As per one theory if we consider Einstein’s relativity as a base of this , singularity gets so damn heavy that it puts a hole into the space-time sheet of the universe we live in , well, alright.. 142 more words


Echo Sound's

Echo the sounds of destiny chimes of noteworthy wine’s peaceful staggers of last year wavering wages. Cherished personality with swagger word’s pack a  phenomenal punch, tasty bits of lunch. 441 more words


Passion for Creativity 

Passion comes from deep within the soul! In order to be an actor you must have the desire and passion for your craft! Even if you have been in the business for years there is always something new to learn! 189 more words