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Four Moments That Show Chopper Cares

Chopper is a one-of-a-kind astromech with a personality that’s rough around the edges. If he doesn’t agree or if he finds something ridiculous, he will make his opinion known either verbally or physically. 742 more words

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Ezra Bridger's Journey and the Mysteries of Hasbro

May 9, 2015 – Today’s article may be a bit unusual, but it provides some insight into how a multi-billion dollar toy company (Hasbro) operates – and some questions that may never be answered. 1,125 more words

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Fashion Friday: The Latest Star Wars Apparel

Exciting new developments are taking place in the fashion world and Star Wars is at the heart of it. Check out these awesome new products from Gold Bubble Clothing, WeLoveFine, and Her Universe! 282 more words

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Review: Kanan: The Last Padawan #2

Out of the batch of Star Wars comics currently on the shelf, Kanan: The Last Padawan is, by far, the best title. I might be biased, though, since I’m a diehard fan of the… 658 more words

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Ezra Bridger: Good Kid, Favorite Character

Ezra Bridger is my favorite Star Wars Rebels character and that conversation with Yoda in “Path of the Jedi” made it happen. Before the series even started, I naturally went with Sabine as my favorite because of my deep love for Mandos. 957 more words

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Star Wars Day: Free eBook by Natacha Guyot, Plus Interview

May the Fourth is a¬†fun day for Star Wars fans everywhere! It’s a day dedicated to recognizing the popularity and importance of Star Wars… 1,341 more words

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Watch "Star Wars Rebels" Free Online Through May 4th

May 2, 2015 – Thank the Maker! StarWars.com is now showing all Season One episodes of Star Wars Rebels through May 4th. What better way to celebrate the “May the Fourth” (Star Wars Day) weekend than to re-watch the 3D CGI animated series or to catch episodes you may have missed. 149 more words

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