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Battle of Narendra III

In the Star Trek: Next Generation TV episode entitled “Yesterday’s Enterprise” we hear about how the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C was destroyed at the Battle of Narendra III while attempting to render aid to a Klingon colony. 14 more words

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ARC The Returned, Part I by Peter David

Not sure how this fits into the Star Trek New Frontier Series, but I think this is a serial release of the next book in the series making it #19.1 of 3. 668 more words

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An Inforgraphic Explaining How Res Life is Like Star Trek (from @jessmsamuels)

I’m a SUPER huge fan of Jess Samuels work.  She has an *amazing* talent for capturing concepts (and funny things) visually.  The infographic below, explaining “how working in reslife is like living in the STAR TREK universe,” originally appeared on the… 7 more words


Handmade Movie Props So Good You Won't Believe They Were Created By Fans

Movies have a way of inspiring people, and fans often take their love of film to the next level, with that devotion manifesting in very cool ways. 408 more words


Star Trek's George Takei on Clarence Thomas: 'He's a clown in blackface'

George Takei, probably best known for his role in Star Trek, has come out strongly against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whose remarks in his dissenting opinion on the recent same-sex marriage case were at the least bizarre and at most horrifically offensive. 228 more words


New Starfleet Uniforms And Logo For Star Trek Beyond!

Justin Lin tweeted out the above image that had four, yes four, really cool details.  First, he revealed the new Starfleet logo made out of…leather?  Tribble hide?   59 more words

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