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And The Children Shall Lead

I thought I’d seen every episode of the original Star Trek but “And The Children Shall Lead” just started, and I don’t remember it a bit. 248 more words


Star trek intreped

Federation border.
Uss intreped ncc. 04
“Now ariving at the edge of united federation of planets space!” Commander lindsey markum said. ” Com officer send to star fleet command.uss intreped now now going into the unknown. 242 more words

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Something Completely Different: Star Trek Games Done Right

Grousing about the old Star Trek CCGs got me thinking about Trek games. Years ago I saw a forum post on Boardgamegeek that superbly captured the issue most of them suffer from. 522 more words

Game Design Theory

Star Trek Attack Wing Review - Gornarus (The Gorn Raider)

Easily one of the most iconic images people conjure from the original Star Trek TV series is Captain Kirk fighting the Reptilian Gorn.  Sure it was corny, but it was a fun episode.  343 more words


FArF: Star Trek ala Pixar! by Phil Postma

You know, these might just make a pretty funny Pixar movie!  From artist Phil Postma.  These are really quite brilliant (although I think Spock could have been a bit handsomer) — Kirk definitely has a… 53 more words

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Friday Fun: Borg Library!? (not really)

Ok, it’s not really a Borg Library, but maybe if the Borg had a library it might look like this (in the 1990’s…in the “real” Borg future, they’d probably only download eBooks) 35 more words

Star Trek TNG Season 4: My Top 5 Fave Episodes

As my husband and I are going through our second full watch of Star Trek as a couple, I thought it would be fun to report on the highlights along the way. 535 more words