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Let's Play Star Trek Online KDF, Episode 21

Let’s Play Star Trek Online, Klingon Defense Force.  Part two of Destiny, we beam up to the ship, warp off and fight the Breen!  And as we blast away, we talk about the Breen in Star Trek. 98 more words


Simon Pegg and the State of Cinema

The notion of celebrity is a funny thing. People hang on their every word like their thoughts are worth more, but the moment they say the wrong thing they’re hung, drawn and quartered. 1,653 more words

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Wagon Train To The Stars

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. I’ve been busy with work and some personal things needed attending. I also wanted to spend more time honing my flying skills—got to stay practiced or you could have a very bad landing. 370 more words

Star Trek - Wolf In The Fold

In which an excursion to a belly-dancing club on Argelius II goes awry when one of the dancers is discovered stabbed in a back alley and Scotty is found nearby, holding a bloody knife. 437 more words


UK Police Secretly Monitored Fans Of 'The X-Files' And 'Star Trek' For Years

At the height of Y2K madness, UK police reportedly feared shows like Star Trek and The X-Files could turn fans into mindless drones. A secret dossier uncovered by… 400 more words


Ds9 talos four part three

“Captain’s log, general order 7 forbids any one in the federation going to talos four. While it is still on the books,it has fallen into abayence. 779 more words

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Rick's Star Trek Blog #6: Star Trek Chronology Revised Edition

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

Awhile ago I posted an exhaustive list of every episode/movie of Star Trek in order of their place on the Star Trek Timeline and for the most part I was satisfied with it. 2,328 more words

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