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A question came up the other day about the usefulness of first officers in Starfleet (what, you don’t think about things like this?) In both TOS and DS9 the first officers had other jobs (Spock was Science Officer and Kira was Bajoran Liaison). 606 more words


Galaxy Quest (1999) - Quote-A-Long

I love sing-a-longs, so when I heard that the Sci-Fi convention I was attending would include a “Quote-A-Long” screening of Galaxy Quest, my excitement was beyond words. 300 more words


Remembering Leonard Nimoy on His Birthday

Happy 84th Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

It’s very sad that he died a month before his birthday. People are remembering him today.

William Shatner Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy… 25 more words

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Pilot Season: Star Trek - "The Cage" (w/ Leon Thomas)


Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut joins us ahead of the revival of his series Attack of the Trek to talk about the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage”. 85 more words


Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy!

Wishing the late, great Leonard Nimoy a happy birthday. He was most famously known as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek franchise starting in 1966. 218 more words


Star trek preservation part four

The ships broke formation. The anti preserver fleet charged weapons. “They are charging weapons!” Bochra reported.
“Do the same!”Nicky ordered. Bochra presed a few keys on his pad. 496 more words

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