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Let's Play Star Trek Online KDF Episode 2

Let’s Play Star Trek Online Klingon Defense Force!  The opening of the series continues with the tutorial.  Lt. Mirri is about to question the Federation prison on board the Klingon vessel. 81 more words


Let's Play Star Trek Online Episode 18

Let’s Play Star Trek Online.  More missions at Drozana Station!

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As I go through the series, you can give me suggestions for what gear to get, so leave that in the comments. 43 more words


Malon Battlecruiser T5U #STO

Okay I actually had to read up on the Malon.  I confess they are new to me.  This ship suits them.  But does it suit you?   568 more words

Inside Looks

Let's Play Star Trek Online Episode 17

A quick display of duty officers and the account bank, and then onto the mission on Drozana Station which is one of the creepiest and darkest missions in the game. 81 more words


Star Trek Online - Aegis Set Winner!

Sorry I have been offline for a while now.

Since this was something that should have been done days ago, here is your winner for the complete Aegis Space Set! 34 more words


Xindi-Insectoid Olaen Heavy Escort Carrier T6 #STO

Well here it is!  And not very late this time.  As a plus, I do have all the Xindi Consoles equipped so this video does include them.   345 more words

Let’s Play Star Trek Online Episode 15

Let’s Play Star Trek Online!  Those bloddy Cardies!  The U.S.S. Saskatchewan does battle against the True Way, a coalition of Cardassian and Dominion rebels who want to place Cardassia as a threatening power in the Alpha Quadrant. 81 more words