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Daylight Savings Time

Yes, I realize that the day to set clocks an hour forward for Daylight Savings Time has already happened in the US.  On March 8th, I set my watches and the clocks that aren’t controlled by radio signals.  937 more words

Cultural Highlights

DST - About as Useful as an Apple Watch

If you’re still grumpy about the time change this past weekend (who me?!), maybe it will cheer you up to listen to John Oliver’s rant on the subject!


One Saving I Could Do Without

In March of 2010 I wrote a post about Daylight Saving Time.  First, as a reminder it is Daylight Saving(no s) Time.  You can check out that post by clicking… 725 more words


Time waits for no man

It’s approaching the equinox, that time of the year when the day and the night are of almost equal length. It’s the vernal or spring equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere, and the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. 1,403 more words


5 myths about daylight saving time

Original post from The Washington Post


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By Rachel Feltman Reporter

Daylight saving time strikes again Sunday at 2 a.m., at least for every state outside Hawaii and Arizona. 1,222 more words


Why the US Southwest is fighting daylight saving time

Lawmakers in Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah are trying to pass bills that would allow the states to circumvent daylight saving time laws. 61 more words

Christian Science Monitor


“How did that happen?   How did I get lost?  Why did they kick me out at 2:00 a.m.?   I was doing so well —at  least I thought so.  275 more words