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Alas, Another Accidental Social Experiment With The Realities of The Trayvon Martin Experience ( cont'd))

The soul then questioned the conscience about when and why the heart let its feelings be known about what it felt from suspicions of being discriminated against long before this latest Trayvon Martin experience; long before the disturbing images and messages first appeared from this past summer. 2,141 more words


Zimmerman can't avoid brushes with law

George Zimmerman was acquitted of a crime after he shot Trayvon Martin to death three years ago.

You’d think he’d just fade away, get his life back in order, never to be seen or heard from again. 156 more words

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Caricature-Cartoon Jeb Bush: US Presidential Election 2016

While Hillary Clinton has still not confirmed her intention of running for the President in 2016, Jeb Bush has made it amply clear that he would. 376 more words

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George Zimmerman Is Arrested Again For Aggravated Assault Charges

It looks like after dodging a long sentence in jail by being acquitted of second-degree murder charges for killing 17-year old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman can’t seem to live life without getting into trouble. 96 more words


Demands for Justice Are Failing Black Women and Girls | Kali Nicole Gross

When Justice fails again. Marissa Alexander is goes back to jail after courts add new charges forcing her to accept a plea bargain. An additional 65 days or 60 years in jail. 132 more words

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So ‘Stand Your Ground’ Doesn’t Apply to Sufferers of Domestic Abuse? How Does That Work, South Carolina?

Originally written for Women24.com

In South Carolina, prosecutors are arguing that as a victim of violent domestic abuse, you do not have the right to defend yourself with deadly force if necessary. 798 more words


Stand Your Ground: Is it gaining or losing ground in South Carolina?

Fulton & Barr: The Legal Pad
October 21, 2014

25-year-old Whitlee Jones had a right to kill her boyfriend.

According to a judge in Charleston, S.C. 554 more words

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