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Tentang Cinta Yang Tumbuh Diam-Diam

by @KAgusta (id twitter)

Berdiri terlalu jauh
Tak tersentuh
Tapi, aku mencintaimu
(Puisi: Kamu)

Aku tidak tahu sejak kapan ini bermula. Semuanya terjadi begitu saja, mengalir apa adanya. 365 more words


Someone Switched My Phone At A Party And My Life Has Become A Nightmare

Sometimes you just can’t explain things. Whether you can’t find the words or you’re in over your head, situations exist where you’re left floundering. That’s where I am. 8,093 more words


I found this snippet while digging through some old writings of mine. Thought it might be an…interesting diversion. Enjoy.


Somewhere along the way, the reaper had picked up another body. 245 more words


Monica's Windows

 It had been a long day at the clothing shop and all Monica wanted to do was sit down on her shitty futon with her feet up. 1,517 more words


Amanda Lollar continues to stalk me 24 hours a day She's emailed every person in the world who ever heard my name

Amanda Lollar continues to send the same insane email to every person who has ever had anything to do with me. I received ten today. Who is stalking whom? 257 more words

Humble servant

Your body is my temple, and I worship at the altar to your love. Offering sacrificial kisses as sweet as milk and honey to appease my master. 90 more words

Writing Prompt

I Thought I Matched With A Beautiful Woman On Tinder, But It Turned Out To Be A Nightmare

I wiped the sleep from my eyes. The clock across the room glared red, 3:32 AM. Who could have possibly texted this late at night? Reaching across the pillow, I picked up my phone from the end table. 1,931 more words