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Idée Fixe

It was Friday. It was his Friday. He stopped by at a convenience to store to grab his regulars. Lemons, vodka, Coke? Perhaps some cheese bread to fill in. 470 more words


Hybrid Poem

My mother is devoted to her daughter
That much is clear
She used to smoke
As I work my dead end job
I fear I will never amount to more
As I age, the fear of aloneness grows
Although not reaching the dread of a few years ago
My parents were unable to fully equip me for real life
All they taught was careerism
Not all the ins and outs of people
I do hope they don't see this
I paid for features, I was unable to snooze
The alcohol amounts to so many missed memories
As does the pot
Though the other drugs do not
Calling up all the collected fears
My mother does the best she can for me
We are, together, bringing me back out of the morass
My job is semi-ok
But does not pay near enough
Fight for Fifteen! 441 more words

Let's analyze the mind of a crazy person - the Matthew Berdyck messages

Sometimes Matthew Berdyck sends messages to people directly. They are usually the rantings and threats of a madman.

Thanks to one of our new contributors, we have a stellar example of his crazy. 134 more words

Matthew Berdyck

Jones and Mike 7/4/15: Meeting "the stalker"

Minding his own business on a normal Tuesday afternoon Jones receives a text message from an unknown number. Initially he thinks nothing of it until the messages continue to roll in for hours on end, some taunting, some sexual… Jones is being stalked. 123 more words


Hater Advice

Oh wait; I already am the Queen, POOF you’re gone; and just like that the thought of you in my mind can be gone.  However for now I am going to share a little past, present, and future advice for anyone who has to deal with a bully, hater, or undesirable other who tries to make your life difficult. 2,407 more words

Are we alone in thinking Matthew Berdyck is a psycho?

If you or someone you know has been harassed by Matthew Berdyck aka Matt Alan Kane aka Alan Smithee aka Matt Smith, etc.

contact Los Angeles District Attorney office heads… 76 more words

Matthew Berdyck