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A cautionary tale of online privacy: How to keep your identity private!

A cautionary tale of online privacy: How to keep your identity private!

Modern surveillance state: 5 CREEPIEST Ways Tinder Stalkers Can Find You


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The Five Other Types of Facebookers

A few months ago, I wrote about five different kinds of people you find on Facebook. Many of your comments and messages gave suggestions for other types of Facebookers you have run into on the interwebs – so, without further ado, I present to you the Five… 796 more words


The love for a boyband

When I was 8 years old, my father took me to my first concert. It was New Kids on the Block. I can clearly remember sitting in the 200 section of the Sky Dome (now Rogers Centre) and crying harder than I had ever cried before whenever Jordan Knights face popped up on the Jumbotron. 402 more words

Our Daily Bread 154: Sillyboy


Ayfer Simms casts her poetically rich gaze over the most recent retro-pop, contemporary electronica, offering from Greek “crooner” Sillyboy.

Sillyboy   ‘Stalker’   (Klik Records) 244 more words

Ayfer Simms

Too Many Games: Metro Last Light

Last Light has everything you liked about Metro 2033 and that’s what it has. That’s what was so odd about the play experience. It’s fine, but it’s an iterative sequel in the manner of a Call of Duty title. 520 more words

Too Many Games

Why is speaking my mind a bad thing?

Apparently, it seems when I speak my mind it always comes back to me that I have offended someone.  They either think I’m talking about them, trying to start something, or just being mean.   468 more words


Getting old

51 part 4…


I jump awake, eyes wide, I look around only to realise I’m in the same closet I fell asleep. Don’t know whether to be grateful, relieved or worried. 1,488 more words