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Stalinists tie themselves in knots over EU referendum

The Communist Party of Britain and its mouthpiece the Morning Star, are all over the place on the forthcoming EU referendum. Never mind their… 657 more words

Jim D

The (Human)Sacrificial Aspect to Soviet Communism’s Mass Killings.


It’s often been asked why communism killed so many people if the goal was to liberate mankind. In a way, this question answers itself. Any war, crusade, or revolution seeking to change the world is an act of violence. 5,475 more words

Living in the Shadow of Stalinism

Communists today must grapple with the difficult realities of the USSR, a society where capitalism didn’t operate but working class rule was liquidated. 

All who call themselves communists will find themselves haunted by the question of the USSR and the Soviet Bloc and forced to reckon with its historical realties. 3,888 more words


Fred Zinnemann’s Julia is one of those films that I want to like more than I do. A cool, intelligent, handsomely mounted adaptation of a story from Lillian Hellman’s memoirs,  468 more words


Keep Unite affiliated! No new Popular Front!

Andrew Murray: Popular Frontist

” … the party’s leaders in parliament know that if they were to lose Unite, there could be an English Syriza formed with more resources and dynamism than the party it would replace” 535 more words


The stigma that continues to plague Socialism

(Note: this is an essay written prior to this site which is why it is written in a much more formal manner)

It seems likely to me that for the foreseeable future being a self-declared Socialist will arouse derision and suspicion. 1,431 more words


2015 Mayday Report

Some commented numbers were slightly down on the year previous when the RMT threw their weight behind the Mayday march after Bob Crows death. On the way to the rallying point people would have come across an SWP banner emblazoned with “Hands off Tower Hamlets”. 552 more words