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Cut in half

The UK is cut in half today as the jet stream runs across the south and up to our area.  This transpires in increasing the air pressure in our part of the UK slightly and bringing cool wintry weather the further north you travel.   165 more words


The pool of mystery

This is Docksey Pool, which is on top of The Roaches in North Staffordshire.  It is said to be bottomless. It’s a very curious place.


See the weather change

A grass frost  and a clear bright sky greets us this morning.  (The air temperature reached a “low” of 0.8c at 06:05 hours).

The air temperature is, however, gradually increasing and although it will be a bright morning it will not be one of our warmest.   219 more words


Jet stream set in the south

The jet stream is set beyond the south of the UK and this positioning will bring some rain in Portugal and Spain but, for today in our area, we will see the early general cloud cover fragment to around 40% to bring us some brighter spells as the day passes. 223 more words