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Fasta splitting bug?

I’ve noticed a couple BEAST xml files that I’ve created using phy2beastGTR.py that include an individual twice. Both times, it’s the first individual repeated at the end of the taxa list. 170 more words

Traffic Thursdays

Hey guys and gals!

Damn, the weeks fly by fast! It’s time for another Traffic Thursdays. I have to admit I haven’t made much progress since last week (school and all…but I promise that’s not an excuse!) I’m still getting into this daily blogging groove and believe me, it’s kicking my ass on a daily basis! 813 more words


Missing data?

Where are these going and why are they present?

Ran rxstacks on entire dataset and formatted *strict.fa. There are 172 catalog loci that ended up with empty fasta files. 28 more words

Make them stacks

Time to focus on stacking up that cash. I have so many things I want to do. Its time to save up and get on with it already. 31 more words

How to build your own muscle building supplement stacks.

Thus, you are willing to take your work out one step farther to the mixture with the addition of nutritional supplements. There are lots of muscle building nutritional supplements available on the market, you are not exactly certain where to begin. 21 more words


Traffic Thursdays

Hello bookish ladies and gents!

In my ongoing effort to be a more responsible bloggess, I’m hopping on WordPress daily to catch up on my news feed slogging and update on my reading life. 630 more words


Coastal zone Landforms Revision

I have written previously about answering those “using a diagram describe the formation ….” questions in the physical paper. you can find that here One of the key aspects you need to get correct is the sequence (or order) of events and to get full marks you need the whole sequence from start to finish.   128 more words