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Love for the old-school card catalog

I saw a photo of a card catalog, the little drawers with alphabetic ranges embedded in a metal frame, and I felt nostalgic for old-school research. 425 more words

[442] ancient history

Found you in Film Noir;
Loved you in the library—
Left you on the steps.

©2015 · sofreudian.com


[440] stacks

Your back to the wall;
My back to your front, guarded—
By paper and steel.

©2015 · sofreudian.com


And The Artist Says: OOH! That Looks Like Fun .......

As many know, I have to spend time daily lying on the bed because of my illness. As Adrian Monk was fond of saying, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” I often use the time to process some of my photography backlog, catch up on emails, or simply lie with my eyes closed and rest my brain. 595 more words

New on 500px : Set! by conemmil

Something is happening in the heystacks, can you find it? :-)

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