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SJWs vs Fredbird


Well played @Cardinals & @TeamFredbird. #PoliceLivesMatter #Ferguson @stlcountypd @FPD_PUBLIC_INFO @StlPoliceWives pic.twitter.com/MfGByL26qs

— Fiery Mad Redhead (@fierymadredhead) May 18, 2015

Will #BlackLivesMatter and @deray protest outside of Fredbird’s house?

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The Truth Wouldn't Hurt


St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s office rolls out a new website with its own URL dealing with city gun crime.

The meat of the matter is here… 188 more words

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About Time


They’re dismantling the garbage pile, but putting up a permanent plaque.

Incidentally, today would have been the GENTILIVUS GIANTIVS’s 19th birthday.  Get ready for May 20 to become a national holiday.  9 more words

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Look What They Found

North Riverfront

Important people in this city are finally getting around to noticing what I noticed several months ago.

That in between our fancy new bridge and our snazzy new hypothetical football stadium, … 61 more words

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Hard to Figure

St. Louis City

ACAs will deploy to every homicide scene.

Because, the same ooks that won’t snitch to cops (hint:  44 of the 64 homicides so far this year are open cases) will surely talk to prosecutors.


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