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Window Dressing

Jefferson City


Missouri House Speaker proposes changes to traffic fines

Missouri’s Republican House speaker is proposing a number of changes to how traffic violations are handled to address concerns raised by the fatal police shooting in Ferguson.

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Reasonably Doubtful

West End

No hate crimes riders, probably because they’d be all but impossible to prove.

But it’s way more than just a “dumb mistake.”

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Semi-Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

Chocolate City St. Louis

I didn’t read beyond there.

I bet that if you read far enough, you’ll find someone begging for a state or Federal grant or private donations.

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Cardinal Fan

West End

That’s why he uses the MetroLink, because it gives him easy access to Busch Stadium.

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That's Bold, Again

LaSalle Park

10th and Park, two kills and one other shot.

This is close to another shooting one week ago, and even closer to the Hickory Street Murders of 2009, and closer still to the… 58 more words

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Fourth and Inches

Downtown West

Five ooks in one car?  Yes, I guess they are being green.

Anyway, this hot ghetto mess started in Downtown West and the chase ended with the green car getting in an accident on 70 in Jennings.  30 more words

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