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DOJ still can’t unhook its jaw from the Ferguson PD:

A U.S. Department of Justice report summary obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says police responded to unrest in Ferguson in a way that antagonized crowds, violated free-speech rights and made it difficult to hold officers accountable.

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Are Your Pets Giving You Problems, Andy?


The rabble versus Andy Taylor.

They must not realize that Taylor is just about the worst anti-white race panderer in St. Louis’s constellation of very high level business and corporate executives.

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Easy Rows to Hoe


P-D, on the SLPD sending more and more violent crime files to Callahan instead of Joyce.

You knew that everyone involved would do their usual BAWK AMENDMENT 5 BAWK AMENDMENT 5 BAWK AMENDMENT 5 Macaw parrot games.  701 more words

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Go there, do Ctrl+F, and try “immig”

No results.

It mixes the local and national climate into the article.  If it was entirely about the local scene, then immigration wouldn’t be worth mentioning because the kind of immigration that affects the summer job market for teenagers and young adults isn’t much found around here.  19 more words

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They Both Wanted It Their Way

Visitation Park

But only one could.

I would anticipate the mangler to catch charges, because if what is stated here is what actually took place, it’s not a justified use of deadly force under state law.  63 more words

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