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St. Ambrose – Bk 5 – Chapter 19

The Saint having turned to God the Father, explains why he does not deride that the Son is inferior to the Father, then he declares it is not for him to measure the Son of God, since it was given to an angel— nay, perhaps even to Christ as man— to measure merely Jerusalem. 1,072 more words


St. Ambrose – Bk 5 – Chapter 18

Wishing to give a reason for the Lord’s answer to the apostles, he assigns the one received to Christ’s tenderness. Then when another reason is supplied by others he confesses that it is true; for the Lord spoke it by reason of His human feelings. 1,126 more words


St. Ambrose – Bk 5 – Chapter 17

Christ acted for our advantage in being unwilling to reveal the day of judgment. This is made plain by other words of our Lord and by a not dissimilar passage from Paul’s writings. 1,451 more words


St. Ambrose – Bk 5 – Chapter 16

The Arians are condemned by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of David: for they dare to limit Christ’s knowledge. The passage cited by them in proof of this is by no means free from suspicion of having been corrupted. 2,121 more words


St. Ambrose – Bk 5 – Chapter 15

He briefly takes up again the same points of dispute, and shrewdly concludes from the unity of the divine power in the Father and the Son, that whatever is said of the subjection of the Son is to be referred to His humanity alone. 776 more words


St. Ambrose – Bk 5 – Chapter 14

He continues the discussion of the difficulty he has entered upon, and teaches that Christ is not subject but only according to the flesh. Christ, however, whilst in subjection in the Flesh, still gave proofs of His Godhead. 1,678 more words