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Should We Be Optimistic about Reconciliation in Sri Lanka?

I was at the Public Dialogue on Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka, today at SOAS University. I was interested in attending not only because it is on the topic I study, but because I was curious to hear what the two different parties expected from reconciliation, and what their vision of reconciliation is. 499 more words

Sri Lanka's Ousted President Seeks A Comeback

Six months ago, Maithripala Sirisena pulled off a stunning electoral upset in Sri Lanka, defying expectations to defeat incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a national election. 850 more words

On Being like the Sri Lankans

Travelling and ‘wanderlust’ have become such cliques with people of my generation. Thanks to the internet and the ability to view the far corners of our earth with HD clarity from the comfort of our own home, it has become common to see various tweets, nstagrams and Pinterest boards filled with this desire to “adventure” and “see the world”, perhaps even with the distant hope to “find” oneself. 524 more words


English, Swim Lessons, and Festivals: Nottingham Trent’s First Week in Sri Lanka

We’ve just arrived home from our last day at our first placement. The first placement that Sunju, Wendy and I were placed at was the pre-school. 678 more words

A Yoga Class in Sri Lanka

On our recent visit to The Elephant Freedom Project, to my great delight (but less so to Rich’s!) we were invited to join a local yoga class. 966 more words

Sri Lanka

Pre-departure Jitters

A week before:

Bags are somewhat packed
Yet plane ticket still unbooked
Love my company

On vaccinations:

Do these vaccines make
my biceps look bigger? 19 more words

Sri Lanka

#7 - Get My Driving License - Done!

Hello World,

I am a brand new driving license holder of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and I feel fabulous. I was able to achieve this goal in time to start the second half of this amazing year! 99 more words

Thirty Before Thirty