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SQL SERVER – Create Login with SID – Way to Synchronize Logins on Secondary Server

How many times you had a problem where you have deployed a high availability solution, but the application is not able to use database and getting login failed for user after failover? 282 more words

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Fix for SharePoint 2013 Error: Unable to Save Items or Open Shared With Popups for List Items

Error: The server was unable to save the form at this time. Please try again.

Error: unexpected response data returned from the server.

NOTE: This mostly happens on dev and test servers, as they have less resources and are often on a singe virtual machine.

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Refreshing Data in Test From Prod

Before my Pop and I purchased our current boat last year, the only boat I had access to was a 12 foot fiberglass boat with a trolling motor and oars. 1,280 more words


SQL Service Query Notifications and their management from a C# application

Think a database notifying you when one of the CRUD operation (CReate, Update and Delete) is made. Think an application taking advantages of it and refresh data in your application in real time. 781 more words


Information : Checkpoint in SQL Server Cluster Resources

If you have searched for checkpoint in SQL Server and landed on this page, then you might get disappointed. This blog is NOT about the checkpoint background process which executes in SQL Server. 637 more words

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SQLAuthority News - Presenting 3 Technology Session at GIDS 2015

Great Indian Developer Summit is my favorite technology event and I have been extremely happy to present technology sessions here for over 5 years. Just like every year, this year, I will be presenting three technology session on SQL Server 2014.  692 more words

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Capture SQL Server queries fired from your Application

This article describes how to create a handy tool to capture the SQL Queries, stored procedures and functions that are fired from your application. This will help developers in diagnosing the code related issues. 986 more words