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Query to find SQL Server IP address and client IP address T-SQL


   ,SERVERPROPERTY('InstanceName') AS




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How to build , Manage and monitor your SQL Server replication

Hello my friends this my small posts in SQL Server replication it is not everything about replication but at least it is the what any DBA should know it… 172 more words

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Find Index on a table in SQL Server

In this blog we will see how to find indexes on a table.

I have an employee table in my database.

Let us check the content in the table. 41 more words

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How to Convert SQL Data to XML

In this blog we will see how to convert SQL table data to XML using a SQL Query.

I have a sample Employee table. We will fire a select query to check data in the table. 60 more words

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SQL PASS Austria Meeting April: SQL Server Extended Events & Simple Rules for Clear and Attractive Visuals

Im kommenden SQL Server Community Meeting am Mittwoch, 15. April 2015 geht es um SQL Server Extended Events und Daten Visualisierung. Ich freue mich sehr, dass diesmal das Meeting in meiner Firma… 298 more words

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SQL SERVER - Quiz on knowing DATEPART and DATENAME Behaviors

Playing around with date and time datatypes can be loads of fun. I hope you got the pun intended when I say it is fun. Most of the developers working with date and time datatypes feel it is a pain. 476 more words

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SQL: Select Nth rank of something. Three approaches.

Common Question on Forums, how to get the 3rd highest salary or similar. Also a common job interview question perhaps?
I am using the AdventureWorksDW2012 database. 519 more words

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