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SPUD-TACULAR: I lost 13st after beating half-ton potato addiction

Trisha was once so addicted to potatoes that she scoffed her way through half a TON of them per year. But after ditching the spuds, she’s lost 13st and is training to be a teacher. 35 more words

Net Neutraility - What is it and Why Should You Care?

Over the past several months, “net neutrality” is a term that has been thrown around a lot on the internet. For those of us that are up to date on all of the comings and goings of the internet, we are on top of the news and completely aware of what is going on. 281 more words


Poutine... It's not just for Canadians any more!

Fries topped with cheese, chili, bacon, garlic olive oil, etc. have been on menu’s in the U.S. for decades with new variations showing up every year. 148 more words

Kingston Fresh

The Wind Is Howling. Eat Up.

Horizontal sleet means two things in my book. Light the fire and have comfort food. Lilly Higgins has a great ‘Give Me Five’ series in the Irish Times – recipes with just five ingredients – and because I love her attitude to food I always look it up. 360 more words

Big Hit!

Seed potatoes and their most common pests

The versatile potato remains the most popular vegetables to grow for Irish gardener. However growing your own spuds is not without its drawbacks and challenges as they are susceptible to both disease and pest attacks in many forms. 643 more words

Black Leg

baked spud

A baked spud would be one of the quickest and easiest dishes for a week night dinner. There are no rules, use whatever you have in your fridge or pantry left over or new. 296 more words


VP #56: Spec-Taters

  One of our favorite sports team these days is from Moorehead, MN High School and their mascot is the Spuds! As a fan, if I go to the game does that make me a Spec-tater?

Visual Pun