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So connected we are with words,

Yet disconnected.  

We talk but don’t listen;  

We inform but don’t educate;  

We read but don’t practise;  

We seek information not transformation.   193 more words


Bygone..Not gone

Heading home for you

That’s what I do.

Thunder wise


sun shower savvy.

Coming home to you

That’s what I do.

The bygone hours… 58 more words


Friday’s Focus—Getting Up, Showing Up, and Doing It All Over Again

This week has left me feeling more stressed than usual and I found myself sitting down to my computer every morning filled with dread and ending the day feeling completely drained to the point of answering my husband’s questions in one-syllabic grunts. 662 more words


Mamma says...'Rise and Shine....NOW'!

I am soooo grateful to that retrograde storm that crashed through my life a few weeks back.  I felt the Goddess Kali around me like a cruel-to-be-kind Mother she came in shrilling, tongue out, eyes glaring telling me to WAKE UP CHILD! 376 more words


Festival of Reflection...day four

The tragedy of life is not what we suffer..but what we miss!


Being Emotional

Being Emotional
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Human traits like sentiments, emotions, a little anger and even a little jealousy—all these are NOT negative. 147 more words


More than a "Prayer"

I don’t know about you, but all my life I’ve been taught to go to church, go to school, get a job, pray everyday, which will thus result in the American dream, but… what if it takes more than that? 307 more words