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Life gives you what you're ready for (even if you don't think you are!)

Just one piece of wisdom I took from Gabby Bernsteins workshop in January was to “pray for the highest good” rather than always ask for what you think you want. 866 more words

Daily Devos: 2 Peter 1

So I finished 1 Peter, (as you can probably see), and It was super great and lovely. Really encouraging and I found reminding us to just keep on persevering no matter what trails and unfairness we may face. 459 more words


Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Pentecost 5

Yesterday we discussed the discrimination towards women and the female Scottish warrior who victoriously led her troops in a charge that rebuked the advancement of the Roman Army into Scotland which in turn prevented their attempting to invade Ireland. 738 more words



Once a child along with his mother went for shopping to a nearby store .The shopkeeper found the child to be really innocent so,in admiration,kept a box of full of candies in front of him and asked him to take as many candies as he wants.The child sweetly refused the offer. 348 more words


Choosing a Catholic Gift for your Friend in a Budget

There are numerous things that could be incorporated in the class of Catholic religious endowments. There are numerous suppliers of these endowments whether you discover them in your neighbourhood or on the web. 408 more words


Alan Watts - Acceptance of Death ~ Listen to this and you wont FEAR-Death…♥♥♥….

I love this so much. Watts has always been among one-of-my favorite philosophers. Hearing his words superimposed with the different movie clips made watching this all the more interesting and ethereal . 253 more words


Daily Devos: 1 Peter 3

So, I promised you guys I would post things this weekend, so even though it’s a little late, I thought why not do a Daily Devos post!!! 462 more words