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3.1.1 - Shoddy Danger

Shoddy was one of the odder words I picked. A destabilized exclamation point only has so many iterations. Both words seemed so straight forward I felt I didn’t have a whole lot of wiggle room. 25 more words

3.4.6 - Technical Lift

Technical was another word in my professional identity development, so I was able to combine its imagery with Lift easily. Lift, as it turns out, is more relative to airfoils than it is lifting weights. 33 more words

3.4.5 - Resourceful Rumor

I had to come back to this one multiple times. Resourceful was one of the words I had chosen to include in the development of my professional identity, so I had a good grasp on how to use it.  57 more words

It seems as if almost every day another Android device gets updated to Lollipop, and today is no exception. Both the LG G2 from Sprint and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from T-Mobile should start receiving the Material Design-filled goodness starting today. 121 more words


VIDEO: Perry @ Winton 1:50 lap.

Urggh I can see all my errors here.

Took a full second off my previous PB but was denied the 1:49 I so desperately craved! :( 18 more words

Eisenhower The Dark Horse

With the rain clouds hanging over Leinster currently, it’s not quite clear how the ground end up tomorrow night. this unclear situation makes this race an intriguing contest. 512 more words


At the Penn Relays, It's A Jamaican Thing

After 51 years of consistent excellence at the Penn Relays, the largest relay competition in the world, it’s really no surprise that Jamaican teams are perennial winners… 427 more words