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Going dairy free: One month on

Some of you have been following my experiments in going dairy free to see if it’ll help improve my crappy spotty skin. You can read more about this… 1,144 more words

The Extra Slice

Clear skin check list: How to fix spot-prone skin and adult acne

There’s SO much information out there on how to get rid of spots and acne. I spent a year suffering from adult acne and after some proper research and lots of trial and error I finally have it under control. 856 more words



Hello, my name is Ema-Lily, I am a long term cystic acne sufferer and self confessed fasha-holic.

I decided to make a blog to help you lovely lot out there who, if you’re anything like me, knew absolutely nothing about how to help, control and hopefully heal my acne and how my love for fashion helps me to feel beautiful even on the crappiest of ‘bad skin days’. 140 more words


Say goodbye to Acne Breakouts!

If you have ever suffered from Acne then you’ll know that like many clear skin will always be at the forefront of your mind.

85% of us will experience Acne! 496 more words


No7 Rapid spot rescue: Quick review

Lets face it, everyone gets breakouts now and then wether you have perfect skin or  not. I myself have slightly dryer skin-type so I don’t get breakouts very often but when I do its a mix of small whiteheads and deep slow growing ones. 191 more words


Africa Feeds You - Software

Ivan, 31 Jahre und Softwareentwickler in Kampala. Kehrte aus den USA in sein Heimatland zurück, um dort seine Karriere zu starten.


I love Canterbury

Hello dear readers,

today I want to show you some pictures from me and my mum´s visit in the beautifull Canterbury. 247 more words