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Wave Race: A retrospective on Nintendo’s often forgotten racer

Anyone who follows the business side of Nintendo’s operations will no doubt be familiar with the concept of the ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy adopted during the Wii’s lifetime; ‘Blue Ocean’ centring around utilising an untapped market when marketing a product, as opposed to directly facing competitors head-on. 1,549 more words


Soccertastic: an Addictive Work in Progress

There’s no greater drama in sports than a shootout. Soccer and regular season hockey both feature this form of tiebreaker, and the suspense is always killer. 295 more words


Stadium demolition begins

By Brock Stafford | Part-time sports editor

Demolition of Bass Lake University’s stadium began Monday, pre-paving the way for the college’s new domed facility. 150 more words


Do We Already Have Enough Non-Violent Variety In Video Games?

Every once in a while an article or video will pop up asking why such an apparently high percentage of video games are about violence, or why violence is so pervasive in the medium. 1,279 more words


In celebration of the FA Cup final, here are some crazy football games you should try.

It’s undoubtable that football (or soccer, if you like) is one of the biggest sports in the world, and in spite of various recent revelations involving a bunch of old geezers accepting ‘favours’ (in my head this would be crazy stuff like moving the goal further up the pitch when nobody is looking, but in reality it’s probably something along the lines of “here, have these Swiss watches, on me”, and then a few months later we find out the World Cup is being held in Atlantis), many football-loving Brits are likely excited for/have already watched this year’s… 1,706 more words


Breaking: Chief Yueh resigns

By Ken at the Paper | Beacon sports editor/weekend guy doing agate

In what my editor tells me is a shocking development, Bass Lake Authority Police Chief Chiou Yueh has announced his resignation. 351 more words

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Why the Tony Hawk Games Matter to Me

With the recent announcement that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is going to become a reality, our house has been abuzz with, well…let’s say cautious optimism, as well as comments like “they better get the controls right…” Though the Tony Hawk games don’t rule our gaming roost much anymore, they were once kings in our humble abode. 747 more words