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Let me just say that I loved Savannah! I loved the spookyness of it all (the city was built over a cemetery) I loved the history, the culture, the people, the scene, and the aura. 81 more words



There’s a small crag around here called the Outback Slabs. There is something spooky about the place that I can’t put my finger on.

I’ve seen foot prints in the snow that stop cold and vanish. 42 more words


The Inaugural Spooky Film Evaluation: A Review of It Follows

MILD SPOILER ALERT: I believe horror movies prove most effective when the audience has little to no knowledge of the movie going in.  This post contains no major spoilers for the plot of… 1,684 more words

My stay at the myrtles-night three 

’twas a dark and stormy night…

In which not a damned thing happened.

Day 3

I stayed mostly on the grounds today completely convinced the ghosts would feel sorry for how much money i spent and make themselves known. 582 more words


Freaky Friday. "We Totally Would" Edition.

Because sometimes the freakiest ideas are the best ones.

I mean, who wouldn’t want cactus cocks?

Or a pet snake you could take for a walk? 104 more words


Insidious 2: A Lesson in Paranormal Slapping…

2.5/5… All pop, no real bacon…

More cheap thrills than the ghost train you used to ride again and again when you were 11, just because there was no queue and it made you feel badass… 286 more words