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Bible Spoof - Chapter 1

“Spirit!” shouted the Lord.

The Spirit materialized next to his side. “Yes, God?”

“It’s not fair.”


“Well, you know how awesome I am,” said the Lord. 1,104 more words


Bible Spoof - Chapter 0: Front and Back Cover

Come and see the absurdities of the Bible flushed out in all their glory in this fictional comedy’s chapter-by-chapter retelling of all the stories of Genesis done in satirical fashion! 308 more words


Courage of Convictions

“It reminds me of violence – I really like it.”

Petey Maguire, online influencer agent

My take on repping an online influencer as Jerry did with an athlete….

A Day in the Life of a Federal Catfish Inspector

               To date the U.S. Department of Agriculture has spent $20 million to set up a catfish office without inspecting a single catfish.  I’m not making that up. 1,550 more words

Review | Willful Child by Steven Erikson

WILLFUL CHILD by Steven Erikson

Steven Erikson’s Willful Child held a lot of promise, however, it falls flat on many of accounts. Though this book starts out as a fun source of amusement, it lost my attention fairly quickly. 173 more words