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GoDaddy Super Bowl Controversy

During the Super Bowl, GoDaddy decided to air a commercial that “spoofed” Budweiser’s commercial. In the similar commercial, a golden retriever puppy falls out of the bed of truck and goes through a tremendous journey to go home. 317 more words

Happy Hairball Awareness Day

A rainy Saturday. There’s just me and two cats, Rocco and Okie, three sullen males grunting their way through the day–as usual–while the wife’s running errands. 795 more words


The Poetry Kings

A grey day in the offices of plangent voices, the poetry quarterly I helped found nearly three decades ago, and from which I was summarily ousted in a hostile takeover in the early 80′s by Elena Gotchko, the Emily Dickinson-wannabe whom I had taken under my wing when she was still a… 1,487 more words


Doo-Wop Castrati Tell Painful Truth About Their Falsettos

DETROIT.  For Marvin Deshields, former lead singer of the 50′s doo-wop group The Fabulous Croutons, every excursion out into public is an occasion for anxiety.  “Somebody like you,” he says to this reporter, “you don’t think twice about ordering a cup of coffee or picking up your dry cleaning.  356 more words


Star Wars Battlefront to be Free-to-Play; Jedi Powers unlockable through micro-transactions

EA has controversially announced that their upcoming blockbuster Star Wars Battlefront is to be a Free-to-Play title.

Talking exclusively to Caketaku, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has said that the decision was made in order to allow the experience of Battlefront to have a ‘universal reach’ and allow the franchise to grow better with updates after release. 450 more words


Portrait of an Alien Invasion by Nigel, aged 51

It was Thursday on the third rock from the sun. An unremarkable little planet filled with unremarkable little creatures. In the near two hundred thousand years since they had managed to crawl out of the primordial soup the human race had made no impact on the universe at large. 538 more words