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2015 Advice To Graduates

Howard the manager got a request for a graduation speaker.  I was not his first choice to fill the ticket.  Actually I think he tried to get a guest blogger when the rest of the staff were busy, but the email found my inbox.  738 more words


Writers: Should you be blogging? Maybe not.

Here’s a reprint of an article I wrote last week for the MMRWA’s Writing 101 Facebook page. Re-posting it here, in case any of my writer friends out there might find it useful! 588 more words

Writing Helps

A Celeste Update and a Request from Me (Therese)

Dear Friends,

Could you please do me a favor? In this past month since I suggested it, I have only seen about $70 donated from trekkerscrapbook readers (including my two) and I’m wondering if  perhaps some of my readers here have donated, but have not included the words “trekkerscrapbook’ in their accompanying note?  288 more words


An Impression of Spock and the creative life

It’s been a while since I have updated Selina’s World.  I’ve doing a lot of creative writing and articles too.  My days have been about creating images in my mind that I can translate through the written word into my reader’s mind. 234 more words

Water Colours

My Weekly Spock: Long-Hair Kolinahr Vulcan

I always thought that the Vulcan sequence at the beginning of ST:TMP was interesting. I wondered why Spock was so determined to shed his human half, what had made him so repulsed by it?  164 more words


Holodeck Not Needed to Visit God's Throne

Faced with mounting intergalactic pressure, Captain Jean-Luc Picard retreats to the Enterprise’s holodeck and the next thing you know he’s toting a six-iron at the O.K. 878 more words

Christian Living

Star Trek - Wolf In The Fold

In which an excursion to a belly-dancing club on Argelius II goes awry when one of the dancers is discovered stabbed in a back alley and Scotty is found nearby, holding a bloody knife. 437 more words