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Episode thirteen, Sigurdur Jonsson and the Aurora Arktika!

I don’t look at it at all like I’m rebellious, but I more and more try to do things my way, and do what I like.

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Sustenhorn 16. & 17.5.2015

The last month was proving to be very springish. Sunny and warm during the week but rainy on weekends. Not ideal for touring but we did get a lot of climbing and biking done. 397 more words


going steep

on monday, i took the day off work to have the chance for some spring splitboarding and new experiences.

we went down south across lower austria to reach the border of styria and parked our car near the small town of niederalpl. 660 more words


New Year's Day 2015

Ringing in the New Year:

How we really felt:

Paige Meadows, Tahoe City, CA

January 1, 2015

Ruchstock 12.4.2015

If last weekend we were able to enjoy a proper winter fairytale, this weekend was a true spring touring bonanza. In fact the whole week has seen temperatures rise to their 20s and  of course that had a lot of impact on the snow cover. 371 more words


Rossstock 6.4.2015

With April came fresh snow. Lots of it. Again accompanied by stormy winds though so it was transported all over and for the last few days the avalanche danger was bumped up to 4. 407 more words


Zugspitze - Die Neue Welt 8.3.2015

Second day of the Justice tour required some balancing. Since we climbed so many verticals yesterday we decided to focus more on the going down this time. 372 more words