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Introduction:  Large Metal Rod Impales Through Mans Head

Hello and welcome, users.  How are you doing in this fine and lovely rock?  My guess is good, and if that’s true (and I hope it is) then may your attitude reflect upon who you are today, tommorow and then some.   513 more words


Black Satin

“Black Satin”

12×12, Acrylics on canvas


Everything gets caught

In some situations, everything gets caught by fluid splattering and must be cleaned


Make an effort now, later may be too late.


Nerd Out Summer: Experiment 1: Controlled Splatter

One color applied over another

So this is post 1 of my Nerd Out Summer Experiment series and also post 1 of the blog! I decided to start this series over the summer so that I can find cool new ways to do things and achieve great artistic effects in multimedia. 446 more words

Controlled Splatter