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The problem with noise

I’ve been thinking a lot about noise lately. Noise has the ability to calm by way of relaxing music or a soothing voice; it can startle eg a loud unexpected bang; it can irritate like a barking dog or dripping tap. 489 more words

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A Fear of Irrational Things

My worst fear is that of being stabbed in the back.

I shudder when anyone approaches me, or worst, surprises me from behind. A loud noise, footsteps and even standing with my back to the sea all cause me to be fearful. 413 more words


That babbling brook... (Multi-Photo)

Listening to the babbling of a beautiful, nature-filled brook… rather than the babbling of stuffy, old politicians…

. 14 more words


when moving into a new home
we become lost
imagining its layout
decorating, arranging, designing
our rooms with
mirrors, appliances
furniture, carpets
shelves, paintings

but what good is it all… 32 more words

Dr. Robert J. Wicks: The Most Certain Route to Experiencing the Meaning of Life

In the fourth century there were a group of men and women (later known as abbas and ammas) who were dissatisfied what society was saying (or “selling”) to people about how they could achieve the meaning of life. 442 more words



on the mountain
suddenly at dawn

a car
with headlamps on

on the same mountain
seen all at once

the sun the moon
the stars… 12 more words


I "renewed" my Wattpad story

I originally tried to write a swashbuckling, action-packed spiritual slash fantasy story that–well, you can already feel the sentence unraveling, can’t you?

I decided to let it unravel. 207 more words

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