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Max Igan ~ "Constructing The End Game" April 24, 2015

Note: While in the long run I believe a much Higher plan is unfolding for the collective, from what I’ve been observing on the global 3D “stage” it appears humanity “may” be heading into some uncomfortable territory later this year – especially in the U.S. 569 more words


THE TRUTH (26) — THE WORD…04262015

Examining The Secret Greatness.

Everything Is Word Base.

Even God Can’t Do Anything Without The Word.

In The Beginning Was The Word.

All Things Were Made Through The Word. 139 more words

Vitamin Of The Mind

Dead Wood, New Life!

It dawned on me just recently why I love spring so much. I certainly enjoy the beauty of flowers and fresh green leaves. Warmer temperatures are also a plus. 481 more words


Remember the goal

I will tell you one story. It happened in Tibet. A lama who, was working in a faraway valley wrote a letter to the chief monastery, to his master, to send one more lama: “We need him here.” 764 more words

Life Skills

Are you listening

It’s funny to me how you can tell the same explanation about your beliefs to five different people and you get five almost completely different interpretations. 268 more words

My Life

Astral Projection: You Can Do It!

  Our reality is created by thought (known as consciousness) manifested in the physical. There are five subtle bodies and during astral projection the conscious mind leaves the physical body and into the astral body. 390 more words

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