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Most auspicious advice: Remain empty.

My most auspicious advice: Remain empty.
Leave all that personal mind-stuff aside.

Stay as impersonal Awareness alone. This is the highest way and choice.
Accept and follow this advice with all your heart. 10 more words



An attribute of good character is Courage.

It is the stuff respect is made of.

Heart like this is not bravado

Real bravado is heart like this: risk takers and justice seekers who win over the mind of others because they conquered themselves first. 146 more words

Christian Reflection

Smash the Taskmaster

I will not feel guilty for doing what the Spirit moves me to at any given time.
I will revel in the mindless work of plucking pine needles from fingers of moss. 65 more words


Personal sharing

Personal sharing and words of encouragement from Matthew 17:20; Romans 8:31; Philippians 4:13, for all who  face difficulties and trials and dangers in life

Dear friends, in life we often face set backs and disappointments, but we need not be afraid because the Lord Jesus tells us as He was speaking to His disciples about the need to have faith in Matthew  787 more words


Peace and Harmony...

of course I also recognize that meetings are opportunities to give of myself and be at peace as well.  However, for me, it is still difficult.  I am trying!!!!!!


Song of Life

Have you ever noticed certain vibrations putting you into a trance like state? Or perhaps, some music notes making you feel completely relaxed. Each of us resonates to some or the other vibration and then suddenly there is light inside your heart.   335 more words

Self Help