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The Body: The temple of the soul

When we start our journey on earth as a human being we recieve a great gift: our physical body. This body accompanies us our whole life. 1,347 more words


The True Philosopher

I never wanted to be a philosopher in the academic sense of the word…I did not want to simply read and study someone else’s ideas about the world…Instead I wanted to be a philosopher in the purest sense of the word…A lover of wisdom…a seeker of truth…And to do this one most drop all philosophies…because truth is not a philosophy…life is not a philosophy…life simply is…that is its beauty…the true philosopher does not want to see the world through the eyes of an idea…that is what everyone else is doing…no one is seeing the world…they are only seeing their ideas about the world…and these ideas and ways of looking at the world is what is creating all the havoc you see all around you. 794 more words


Living Restless

I seem to be constantly tired, but consistently restless, and restlessness is not something that agrees with me, especially spiritual restlessness. My whole life I have been searching for something, and yes, I understand that the ego’s game is seeking and not finding, but this, I hope, is different. 777 more words

Forgotten Places

In the gift shop of the Pink Sisters’ Convent
I weary of crystal trinkets and smiling statuettes
And so I leave to follow the slender path… 140 more words


My Dear Friend, Death

To some he is a terror.   To others he is a welcomed relief from the misery of life.  Some welcome him when he comes and others do everything within their power to stay his visit. 713 more words

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Life and death

“… So what do you think happens then?”

“Nothing… non-existence.”

“So what is there to fear in that?”

“Well, I’ll stop existing!” he said, as if that should explain it. 622 more words