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Being a Walking Piece of Art

What does it mean to be a walking piece of art? It means courage. It means constant vision. It means the embodiment of a new world. 409 more words


Encrypted into art

Encrypted into art

Both Mum and Dad played their part,

At different times, by buying a book

Of poetry, dedicating it to me,

In fine script, 153 more words

Creative Writing

The Movement Made the Man (MLK)

Martin Luther King, Jr. did not make the civil rights movement. As Elizabeth Myer Boulton reminds us, it was the movement that made the man. Without the movement there would have been no “I Have a Dream Speech”. 84 more words


The Law of Least Effort!

Moving along through our Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Journey, here is one of my absolute favorites! This video is super casual and a little funky, but the content is what matters so I hope you enjoy! 16 more words


Pentecost Homily

I am going to be a bit technical at first, to give an analogy of why we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit after Jesus’ ascension.. 818 more words


If my mind offends you...

Author’s Note: This is going to be a blunt, in-your-face post that probably won’t be suitable for church lady types and those under 18. It will be full of irreverent realism and might even qualify as satire. 544 more words