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Walk Easy

Walk easy, one sure foot before the other, with the knowledge that you are capable of all you meet. If you tire, breathe in from the source that empowers you. 19 more words


Interesting day

Well, that was an interesting day!

Today was the Sunday morning service, being the first Sunday of the month, but things didn’t go according to plan. 147 more words


The Song of the Butterfly

How come such a piece of music is capable of making you feel things you’ve never felt before? Why does it has a powerful gravitational power over me that I feel that I “belong” to this virtual place it pulled me into. Amazing.


Possessory trance, part 1: self-deception, and testing the spirits

I had to submit myself to possession recently, to fulfill an obligation to a spirit.  I’d refused to let him take hold of me before — during a Spiritist mass!   814 more words

Spiritualism and Table Tappers

This is from a wonderful book, The Year of the Wombat, tracing events, mostly in London, for the year 1857:

“”Spiritualistic experiments made by persons interested in the new electro-biological discoveries” were infiltrating both religion and science with a stream of double-agents. 237 more words

Real Life