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Finding Balance and then Happiness

In our day to day, we do a myriad of different activities for so many different motivations that I couldn’t begin to name them all individually, but what are we  795 more words

Higher Perspective

Values and Identity (Excerpt)

Ego develops slowly over time as a defense mechanism against the outrages of the world. We identify with the image of ourselves most conducive to personal defense. 198 more words

The Medium Exposed?

Just as in other mediums, the occult was a popular subject of films, and with the popularity of the spiritualism movement (as discussed in the last post featuring… 207 more words


Daily Meditation - Ten of Cups

Shuffling the Golden Universal Tarot and concentrating on the question, “What is the best lesson we can learn today,” the deck presents us with the Ten of Cups. 238 more words


Wild (15)

Monday 27th Apr at 7.45pm

Tuesday 28th Apr at 7.45pm

Wednesday 29th Apr at 7.45pm

2014, UK, 115 mins

Director: Jean –Marc Vallee

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Gaby Hoffman,Laura Dern… 158 more words

What's On

Harmony and balance

Peace and balance brings harmony
Nature brings alignment in silent and quiet meditation.

What is This Spiritualism by Horace Leaf

Both items I have included so far (The diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Thurston the Great Magician posters) have “spiritualism” as one of their subjects – but what is spiritualism?  175 more words