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This Sunday @ Healingsprings fellowship | Church Reloaded: We Are The Revolution 

Dear friends, a change of guard is happening spiritually, and it bears the hallmark of a revolution.

To this end, we looked at various definitions of the word revolution last week. 143 more words


This Sunday's lecture | Church reloaded: the revolution will not be televised

Historically revolutions often times start from something insignificant, then overtime they gain momentum, Until they hit a tipping point. In recent times the Arabic Spring comes to mind. 156 more words


Today's lecture | Church reloaded: gratitude 

I had a very interesting conversation with a cab driver recently who was a Muslim.

Unlike most ‘Christians’, this man had taken his time to research all major faiths in the world. 174 more words


This Sunday's lecture | Church reloaded: perpetual fire!

In Lev. 6:13, Aaron and his company of priests were given a mandate to keep the fire on the alter of the tabernacle burning perpetually. … 96 more words


Today's thought: leave the Ark, enjoy the procession.

Most times we think that God needs us to save His seemingly diminishing reputation…

So like Uzzah we fail to look away when the Ark slides from the cart. 153 more words


This Sunday's lecture | Call of Duty: we build together

In the 31st chapter of the book of Exodus, we are introduced to a God that: calls, equips, and linkup people with unique talents and skills; towards a common purpose. 68 more words


This Sunday's lecture | The parable of the talents: a lesson in praxis

Last Sunday we looked at aspects of Jesus’ life through Gramsci’s concept of the Organic Intellectual. Tomorrow we build upon that foundation, bringing it home, and reflecting on our lives as believers in the 21st century. 159 more words