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What is the value of Christian theology taught at University?


In an earlier essay entitled: what is Christian theology, and why does it matter,my arguments leaned heavily against too much theology in favour of… 2,143 more words


Pray Love Bexley 2015!

On Saturday 18th April, we have use of a beautifully converted double decker bus known as the CRIB for outreach in our community. Please see below schedule of activities: 119 more words


This Sunday @ Healingsprings fellowship!

Church Reloaded: Grace

By way of recap, church reloaded kicked off with a lecture on Gratitude, then we made steady progress under the subheading of Revolution, and last week we arrived at Merit or Grace; focussing on Matt. 149 more words


Easter Sunday @ Healingsprings fellowship! 

Church Reloaded: Grace or Merit?

The saying by Jesus as recorded by Matthew: ‘Many are called, but a few are chosen'; has always been a source of much controversy within and outside the church. 168 more words


This Sunday @ Healingsprings fellowship | Church Reloaded: We Are The Revolution 

Dear friends, a change of guard is happening spiritually, and it bears the hallmark of a revolution.

To this end, we looked at various definitions of the word revolution last week. 143 more words


This Sunday's lecture | Church reloaded: the revolution will not be televised

Historically revolutions often times start from something insignificant, then overtime they gain momentum, Until they hit a tipping point. In recent times the Arabic Spring comes to mind. 156 more words


Today's lecture | Church reloaded: gratitude 

I had a very interesting conversation with a cab driver recently who was a Muslim.

Unlike most ‘Christians’, this man had taken his time to research all major faiths in the world. 174 more words