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I LOVE eggs.

I LOVE eggs.

In her most developed and true female capacity, a hen can lay one egg every single day for nearly two years in a row, in her lifetime. 605 more words


OPEN WEB FOUNDATION - True Nature of the Spiritual Warrior - 6-7-15

By Open   –   2nd June 2015

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

What the world needs most of all right now, is for the new breed of ‘Spirit Warriors’ to step up and step out. 942 more words


You Can Love the Whole World

On the path of the spiritual warrior
the fundamental practice is lovingkindness,
and as always
when we embark on journeys
such as this,
we begin with ourselves. 117 more words


The Only Path

Staying open
in my soft heart
when all I want is to shrink and protect,
I know the meaning of
spiritual warrior.

Clearing my mind… 95 more words


Pro-Peace AND Pro-Military: The seeming contradiction

To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.

George Washington

I love guns. Big guns, tanks, armored vehicles and war machinery; the bigger the better.

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The Mental Body

What is a Spiritual Practice?

Back in the day I worked at a high fashion retail store, selling too expensive imports from Paris and London to ladies who couldn’t really afford them. 1,123 more words