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Modern day miracle

Don’t tell me there are no miracles today. And don’t try to tell me God doesn’t exist or that He doesn’t answer our prayers. I won’t believe it if you tried because I happen to know differently. 476 more words

Spiritual Stuff

I don’t care

By Gideon Mutai

I don’t care
You may be wondering why
‘cause I don’t care
Unless you think I am awesome
In which case you are right… 128 more words


Haikus during Holy Week

Girls Gone By

Full diapers, fingers

so sticky, green boogers, yet

how I miss those cheeks.

Who do I want in my life?

Give me old people. 99 more words

What Would Jesus Do?

By Gideon Mutai

Today I was traveling in a matatu
And this unusually obese lady comes
She sits on two seats compressing me
Oblivious of the discomfort she is causing me… 127 more words

Spiritual Stuff

My Favorite Verses

This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all
acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the
world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. 138 more words


The long and lonely night has just begun

I’m going to die one of these days.

I had successfully ignored that fact for a large chunk of my life. Then two things happened that made it impossible for me to ignore it anymore. 770 more words

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A Moment Of Silence

Well, it’s been six days now…six days since I started, what I would call, my moment of silence. What is this moment of silence, you may wonder? 560 more words

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