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Bubble Over

Bubble Over…

Enjoy life- savor it.  Let fun “bubble” out of you in all areas of your life.  Don’t take your life and yourself so seriously. 346 more words


Journey - 3 line poem - spiritual

Dead or alive, Soul

journeys ever onward, seeks

Devine salvation

3 Line Poem


My sister who happens to be – unlike me – very sporty made this picture while running. The picture is breathtakingly beautiful & it inspired me to write this poem. 100 more words

Poetry & Quotes

"The Real World Plan" - From Kay's new book of spiritual and inspirational poems

From Kay Meade’s book of spiritual and inspirational poems ‘Poems for You’. Available in paperback or Kindle e-book formats. Click on amazon for more details or purchase. 6 more words


In the misty rain

The air is old and patient
and filled with secrets
Like pools of hungry youth
your eyes search the unseen
for their own reflection

Image source: natgeo.no


A Poem And A Prayer

The less time I spend in prayer, God patiently waits

He knows I am not there, God patiently waits

God patiently waits, for me to return… 7 more words


Falling to a pulp on the floor

Heard the voices many;

The bliss was intoxicating….

Displaced she felt as she rouse;

Confusion written

On the faces that peered. 32 more words

View Point